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Fitness and the opera singer? Schedule Your Session.


It has long been the stereotype that opera singers are out of shape and unmotivated when it comes to remaining in good health. While this has dramatically changed in the last decade, there is still a lot to be said about keeping fit as a performer (especially one who is on the road for the majority of the time).


I, myself, have lost 100 lbs. over the years, and let me tell you it has not an been easy journey. I have spent over 10 years on the road as a working performer with the weight fluctuations to prove it. Add on a thyroid disease and you’ve got the first part of my struggle.  The other parts involve a love of eating (and eating well) and seemingly never having the time to work out.


All of that changed when I moved to Zürich in 2010. A director (or three) called me “fat”. This motivated me to begin, but proved to be the smallest component of why I have maintained my current fitness level for the last 5 years. It’s all about becoming fit for yourself and not for any outside source. I started to make fitness a priority. I started to make eating well a challenge for myself. I started to take personal accountability for my health and my fitness goals.


As a seasoned singer and actor, performing in the worlds of opera, musical theatre, TV, and commercials, I know the importance of keeping the motivation alive as we navigate these worlds. I can help you attain a new mindset for keeping fitness, exercise, and eating well a priority as you travel and perform. There are challenges we face in our profession that only another performer, who has been through it, can address.


I present a  lecture on keeping a fitness-based lifestyle a priority and how to maintain these goals through a nomadic lifestyle. I, also, provide a Q&A and literature to take with you to help you keep it going. 


Perfect for a Young Artist Program seminar, a private meeting/coaching, or a motivational awakening in any setting where keeping healthy is a priority. to schedule a booking.

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